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    We are a pest management firm that provides pest management at the lowest possible cost, with minimum risk or hazard to man and the desirable components of his environment.

    The Bugyman believes that manipulating the factors which limit the reproductive and survival potential of each pest is the key to effective pest management. This usually involves the use of pesticides, but as a pest management firm, our technicians are trained to first turn to sanitation as a control device. Removing the food, water, shelter, and environmental aids of pest species have a very significant impact on controlling pest populations by itself. And when integrated with appropriate chemical control measures, a more lasting control is possible.

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    Punctual Field Service

    The Bugyman knows that your time is valuable to you. In a time when the business standard usually inconveniences a customer, we promise that we will be on time and ready to take care of your needs. If we aren’t on time for your service and don’t call to let you know we are running late, we will take $5.00 off of your service fee. That’s why we say “Service With A Guarantee”. Call now to find out more about our Guaranteed Effective Services.

    Right Tools for The Job

    We have what it takes to thoroughly and effectively solve your pest problems. Each service vehicle is equipped with all the tools to manage what’s bugging you. The solution to your pest problem will come to you when you have The Bugyman as your pest management firm.

    Who we are.

    At The Bugyman Exterminators; we are a family run company that puts families first. The families of our staff and customers are our top priority. We strive daily to be the best company we can be – going the extra mile for our customers’ needs.


    Here’s what our customers had to say about our services:

    We have received prompt and

    We have received prompt and courteous service for over 8 years. The Bugyman technicians always ensure that we get the services that match our needs. The only bugs we see are dead ones!

    John & Kathy

    We have been regular customers

    We have been regular customers of the Bugyman for almost two decades. We appreciate their commitment to safety and the quality of professionalism and courtesy demonstrated by their employees. We have both our home and a business location serviced on a regular basis. It would be a better world if every business was committed to quality as the this one is!! Kudos!!

    Maggie & Jim

    Jerry was on time, explained

    Jerry was on time, explained everything he was doing to the exterior and interior of the home. After he completed the job explained what might be needed to keep the pests gone & if needed he would come back if more spraying would be necessary. Excellent job & very great service. I would continue my service with Jerry.

    Missie G.

    I am on a regular schedule

    I am on a regular schedule with Bugyman Exterminators and continue with them due to excellent service. Jerry is a very pleasant, friendly employee who does a good job of keeping us bug free. I have been using Bugyman Exterminators for close to 20 years and have always been satisfied. Thank you for being a business that cares.

    Connie G.

    We could not have been

    We could not have been more pleased with the service we received from The Bugyman! Our ant issue has been resolved! We will definitely continue to use The Bugyman.


    The Bugyman has been treating

    The Bugyman has been treating our home and business for over 4 years. They have always done an amazing job!! Always on time and will work with you to meet your time schedule. I would recommend them to everyone for all their bug needs. :0) They sprayed 2 days ago, and omg, Ive never seen so many dead bugs outside!!


    First time using this service

    First time using this service and I loved it. We were asked about our concern areas and these were taken care of. Glad they helped us with our black widow problem… Totally recommend.

    Rachel R.

    Jerry has been servicing our

    Jerry has been servicing our home for years! He is ALWAYS on time, cordial, professional, & thorough …….., to simply put it, HE IS AMAZING! Thank you Bugyman for the wonderful service that you provide!

    Israel & Martha

    Eddie is courteous, thorough and

    Eddie is courteous, thorough and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended! Thanks!


    Jerry services our home.

    Jerry services our home. He does a thorough job in and around our home. He is friendly understands importance of children and pets” safety. Thank you Jerry!.

    Patricia Z

    I really do love their

    I really do love their service. Friendly, punctual, cost-effective, efficient and very effective. All of their staff is amazing. I have used their services at multiple homes over the last 20 years in Las Cruces. My house is sprayed every 2 months. I usually do not see any bugs at all, but if I do, they are usually dying. I could not ask for any more from an exterminator. I highly recommend their services.

    Shelly P

    We appreciate Bugyman Technician Danielle

    Just a quick note to let you know how much we appreciate Bugyman Technician Danielle Sutton.

    When Danielle comes to our home for quarterly services, she is always very cheerful and greets my wife and I very warmly. After exchanging pleasantries, she quickly begins her tasks.

    In executing her duties, Danielle is very professional and careful inside and outside our home. I know Danielle does her work well because the following morning after her visit, we find deceased pests at various locations. A job well done!

    In conclusion, I think Danielle Sutton is a positive asset to The Bugyman Exterminators and exemplifies the essence of making families a top priority.

    (This testimonial was mailed to The Buygman Office.)

    Jaime M

    I’ve had this service for three years

    I’ve had this service for three years now and couldn’t be happier. Very professional and friendly staff. And the best part…no bugs!

    Diane G

    Jerry is professional…

    Jerry is professional, knowledgeable, competent, and friendly.

    Walter B.

    I’ve used Bugyman for 7+

    I’ve used Bugyman for 7+ years, using their quarterly service and have never had any issues with them. They are always courteous, professional and genuinely nice people!

    Shelly S.

    I first learned about Bugyman

    I first learned about Bugyman through my employment and was impressed by the display of professionalism and customer service each time the Technician came to spray our offices. I was happy to hear that they performed services on homes as well. I’ve used Bugyman services for almost 10 years now and have never received anything less than excellent customer service. I love the automatic quarterly service which save me from the need to remember to call and make an appointment. I really appreciate the phone call reminders of upcoming appointments and the ease of rescheduling if needed. Technician Danielle Sutton is extremely friendly, cheerful, and always professional. Her greetings are always sincere, and her work performance is outstanding. She truly listens to your concerns and addresses them based on the type of insects you have.

    Danielle is respectful of our home and property, both inside and out and is very thorough in what she does. We continue to find dead bugs right up until our next quarter appointment, indicating a job well done on each visit. She also does a fantastic job in our barn and I seldom see spiders, mice, or centipedes anymore.
    I am very pleased with Bugyman and will continue to refer to friends and family.

    Stacey H

    We’ve had this service for

    We’ve had this service for over ten years and trust the service and expertise of this company. They are reliable, flexible, and helpful. They’ve always done a great job and each of the technicians has been competent, professional, and friendly. I highly recommend Bugyman!

    Mack W

    Mack W

    Bugyman has been the best service…

    Bugyman has been the best service for us in Mesilla Park. We have used Bugyman for over a decade, and even more so since scorpions hit our area. Their prices are fair, the job is well done, and the personnel is friendly and knowledgeable. This is a great company.

    Gayrene W.

    We have used Bugyman at our home…

    We have used Bugyman at our home or the last 2 1/2 years. They are very easy to work with. Good scheduling, they do reminders an have always been prompt and efficient. Best of all the service works!!!! Thank You. 

    Pat C.

    We have been using the

    We have been using the Bugyman for over 5 years. They do an amazing job. They are very friendly and reliable. We haven’t had any bug problems since we found the Bugyman! If you have a bug problem just give them a call. You won’t be disappointed.

    Lorie S

    December 21, 2020 Bed bugs, just

    December 21, 2020

    Bed bugs, just the mention of the name sends a chill down the spine and the hairs on the arms rise and take notice.

    After a recent Sunday church service, a parishioner noted there had possibly been a bed bug in the pew in which she sat to enjoy the morning service. The parishioner stated she picked up the pest with a tissue and placed it in a trash container.

    The church administration tasked me with addressing the perceived threat to our sanctuary. Because of my lack of knowledge concerning vermin I decided to get expert advice, so I called The Bugyman Exterminators. I know this proprietor because they perform first-rate quarterly service on my residence.

    I spoke with employee Peggy Adams who was extremely helpful. Peggy explained the characteristics of beg bugs and the best method for their extermination. As ours is a small church I was concerned with the extermination method and did not want a lingering odor remaining in the church. Peggy stated steaming is the best method for eliminating bed bugs which eased my concern because of the diverse nature of the congregation. Peggy then stated she could schedule a technician to go to the church and conduct an inspection.

    Two days later I met Danielle Sutton at my church. I was pleased to see Danielle because she does a terrific job of keeping my home pest free. I know Danielle is very meticulous and would understand the gravity of this situation.

    Danielle conducted a thorough examination of the alleged bed bug repository pew. After the examination Danielle informed me there was not any evidence of any bed bugs.

    Receiving this negative report is very important because the church serves as a refuge for believers, a shelter of the Most High and must be free of toxic vermin. Peggy and Danielle were dynamic in maintaining our church an immaculate environment. This is crucial and conducive for parishioners to have a mind free of distractions when seeking the Kingdom of God.

    Thank you,

    Jaime Marrujo

    Jaime Marrujo

    Great Service

    Friendly, professional and prompt. Can’t ask for anything more!!

    – Jordan F.

    Always Satisfied

    Ms. Galindo was so nice and very efficient. We have used the Bugyman twice a year for years and we’re always satisfied. Thank you!

    – Rose W.

    Rose W


    Jim & Dottie B.

    Very professional…

    Very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Danielle was respectful of our home and our cat Maverick. Will definitely recommend.

    Teresa B.


    Excellent, very efficient and professional.

    Ken P.
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