In case you don’t know, here is what to expect when the Bugyman comes to exterminate at your house. Depending on which service plan you choose, we will spray inside, outside and sometimes also granulate outside.

When we spray the interior of your home, we walk along the perimeter spraying along the baseboards and under furniture. We avoid spraying things like children’s toys, dog toys, clothes, etc. Basically, we won’t spray anything that shouldn’t have pesticide on it. The spray we use inside is safe for people and for pets, but to err on the side of caution do not let pets lick the pesticide when it’s still wet.

When we spray the exterior, we walk the perimeter of your house and yard. On the house, we spray along the base, around any windows, doors and eaves, and around any hard surfaces, such as porches, patios, walkways, etc. When spraying around the yard, we will usually spray along rock walls and in large rocked areas. We avoid treating by fruit and vegetable gardens. While the material we use indoors is designed to be less noticeable with low odor and minimal staining, the outside material is designed to be more durable against the elements.

If you choose a service that offers granulation, we will only spread granuales in grass, rock and dirt areas. Granuales offer an extra layer of protection against a wide variety of bugs.

What to expect after a treatment! It is common to see a variety of bugs that are dead or dying after your first treatment. The most common bug to see initially is the deceased cockroach. Cockroaches sit low to the ground and drag their bodies through the material, as well as constantly cleaning their feet and antennae thereby ingesting the pesticide. Spiders on the other hand sit high above the material. They can be affected when they squat down into the material, when they are sprayed directly, or when they ingest a contaminated bug. Although these services are highly effective, none of them will 100% eradicate your pest populations. That is why all of our services offer a guarantee.