Here are some DIY tips to get rid of flying ants.

Flying ants may seem more formidable than their tiny ant counterparts. Interestingly, though, flying ants—also known as swarmers or alates—aren’t actually a different variety of ant at all. They’re just regular ones that have grown wings for the mating season! (And, while different types of ants have different mating seasons, you’ll most likely find swarmers in your home in times of high humidity or following heavy rains.)

Depending on the species they can pose a threat to your property, damaging wooden structures – but there are some easy ways using simple ingredients to eliminate them from your home. 

1. Mint 

If you’ve noticed flying ants in your home but don’t want to kill them, you could use mint leaves as a natural repellent. 

Make a powder from dried mint leaves and put this around the area where the ants are nesting. After they appear to have disappears, make sure to seal the crack or hole where the ants are using to enter your house. 

This method does require some time however for the ants to be eradicated. 

2. Baking soda and sugar 

The combination of these ingredients can help to completely get rid of flying ants by exterminating the source – the nest. 

While baking soda is safe for humans it is toxic to ants. The sugar attracts the ants to the mixture and they can take it back to the nest. The ants die when they digest the baking soda and sugar. 

3. Dish soap 

Your regular dish soap can be a great way to stop flying ants from becoming a pest in your home. The soap sticks to the wings of the ants and stops them from flying. 

To use this method, mix one part dish soap with three parts water in a spray bottle. Mix this well then spray on flying ants. 

4. Use sticky tape to catch them

If you place some food on the ground to attract the flying pests, you can place some sticky tape down with the sticky side up.

Put the tape as close as possible to the food, and the ants will land on it.

This will then trap the ants in place and stop them from flying anywhere else.

5. Use artificial sweetener

Despite ants having a speciality of invading picnics and swarming over discard foods, some sweeteners are toxic to them.

If you want to get rid of a large number of ants in one go, mix an artificial sweetener with apple juice and leave it out for them to get.

The ants will then carry this odd paste back to their colony and it will kill a large swathe of them.

6. Pour boiling water into the anthill

If you have a troublesome ant hill in your garden, one method to get rid of the occupants is to pour boiling water down the hole.

This should kill most of the ants and deter any returning ants from coming back.

7. Place tin cans over the anthill

First thing in the morning head out to the anthill and place a tin can over the entrance.

As the sun heats up the tin can, the ants will carry their eggs up into it.

Then, later in the day use a piece of cardboard and slide it beneath the tin can, and dispose of the eggs.

You can place them on a bird feeder as they make a nice treat for birds.

Hope these methods help. Check back for more DIYs on pest control naturally!

Peace out.