Cockroaches don’t take spring breaks, but when spring rolls around, they’re particularly keen on cozying up in our homes, thanks to the warmer temps and humidity. Plus, outdoor roaches are on the move, seeking out that perfect balance of warmth and moisture.

Thankfully, we’ve got some modern-day magic up our sleeves to keep these critters at bay: essential oils. Peppermint, oregano, and rosemary oils aren’t just for making your space smell nice – they’re legit cockroach repellents.

By strategically dabbing, spraying, or diffusing these oils around your place on the regular, you’re rolling out the “no vacancy” sign for roaches, without resorting to any sketchy chemicals. So, kick those pesky pests to the curb and welcome them in a toxin-free, roach-free zone, all thanks to the power of essential oils!