Do you ever wonder, “How do you rid your house of insects, how does it work, and is the stuff they use safe to breathe?” Let’s go over some basic steps we take and use to help keep insects away from your home.

Usually, you may start to see bugs and insects when the weather starts to warm up or when it starts to get cold, which is usually when they try to find a warm spot to call home. The first step would be to call a pest control company. Give The Bugyman Exterminators a try! We ask basic questions to make sure your needs are met, and this helps us to provide the best method to use. We want to make sure we focus on your current needs. We’ll ask questions like “what type of bugs are you seeing” and “where are you seeing/finding them?” These can help us determine the type of pests with which we are dealing. We also ask if you have any pets. It is completely okay if you do because the material is safe around animals! The material also has no smell or fumes, so you would not have to leave your home during service.

The next step would be to determine how often you would like us to come out. We provide Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly and a One Time 30-Day Guarantee service. We will partner with you to schedule a good day and time to set up your appointment with our technician. The tech will have an hour window to arrive for your appointment. After the introductions have been made, he or she will start by spraying the base boards of the home. We stay away from any pet dishes or toys on the floor, so we do ask for these items to be picked up. After they spray inside, they will then service outside around the perimeter of your home and any rock walls. We also offer the option of glue boards for entry ways and the garage that can help stop creepy crawlers from trying to make their way inside. The service usually only takes about 30 minutes.

After we are all done treating your home, we will ask you to sign an invoice just noting what material we used, where we serviced and notating the time that the technician was there. You can always pay the tech or send in your payment within 30 days. After that you will start to either see dead insects or none at all!

There are other specialty services we provide for German roaches, bed bugs, ticks and/or fleas. These will require an inspection and a treatment plan is provided to you with instructions, as well as what method we will be using to take care of the specific problem.

Hope this clears up any questions you may have about starting your pest control service with us or any pest company!