Order Dermaptera


Earwigs have pinchers or forcep-like appendages at the end of the abdomen. Its size can vary between to 3/4 inch long and can be a dark reddish-brown to jet black in color.

earwig exterminatorHabitat:

They are active at night, and some species are attracted to lights in large numbers. During the day, they usually find shelter beneath stones, boards, and debris.


Earwigs are primarily scavengers on dead animal and plant material. Plants and ground litter, and perhaps foodstuffs found in homes and grain warehouses are also attractive.

Life Cycle:

Gradual metamorphosis. Nymphs, which have same appearance except smaller than adults grow to maturity in a few months and can live up to a year.

General Information:

Earwigs are often transported great distances in potted plants, nursery stock, or other plant material. Earwigs received there common name by early settlers “old wives tail” that an earwig will crawl into your ear and cause a person to go insane.

Earwig Management:

Habitat removal procedures will greatly aid in suppressing problems with earwigs indoors. Granular insecticide applications in grass can give excellent results.