Pillbugs and Sowbugs

Class Crustacea


pillbug exterminatorThe sowbug possess two tail-like appendages at the tip of the abdomen and are incapable of rolling into a tight ball. The common pillbug lacks such appendages at the tip of the abdomen and can roll itself into a ball. This habit is the reason they are often called “roly polies”.


Both pillbugs and sowbugs feed upon decaying vegetable matter.

General Information:

Are found under mulch or vegetable debris of all kinds and beneath objects on damp ground. They frequently invade damp basements and crawl spaces and may infest potted plants. A heavy infestation indoors generally indicates that there is a large population immediately outside the building.

Pillbug and Sowbug Management:

Pillbugs/sowbugs feed and reproduce in decaying organic matter, so it may be necessary to remove plant mulch and leaves around the foundation in order to obtain control.