Cockroach Management

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    The necessary program steps are outlined and discussed below, with the greatest detail given for German cockroach management. Management programs for other species indoors will usually be conducted in a similar manner as for German cockroaches, except that certain aspects of the behavior of other species should be taken into account. Some other species will also require substantial attention to outdoor insecticidal treatments and other management measures. To learn more about Cockroaches, visit our Cockroach Information Page.


    The Bugyman guarantees to control the roach infestation through the delivery of two to four treatments over six weeks to three months or there will be no charge to the client for the following two months after completion of charged services.

    The Bugyman guarantees to provide the client with additional service for covered pests, upon their request, between regular service visits at no additional cost to the client.

    The Bugyman guarantees that our arrival to the clients’ home will be on time. We will be at their home within the confirmed time frame, or we will credit their account $5.00 for that days service.


    The primary goal of an inspection is to locate as many cockroach hiding places as possible and to determine the number of treatments needed to eliminate the problem. During the inspection the Field Representative will ask questions such as:

    Show me all areas in each room that you see roaches.

    How many roaches would you say are seen crawling around at night when you turn on the lights? Where do you see them?

    Have you had prior professional services to get rid of these roaches? What was the result of their work? When was your last service?

    Have you personally attempted to control these roaches? What did you use? When was the last attempt?

    What would you personally like to be the result of our services? (This question will help you determine their tolerance level, and to see how we can meet or exceed their expectations)


    The first aspect of the treatment phase is sanitation. Sanitation efforts will help eliminate food, moisture and harborage available to the cockroach population, which will lead to better control results. Sanitation not only involves various types of cleaning procedures to remove food and water sources, it also involves the elimination of cockroach harborage areas by caulking or similar structural repairs.


    Client education directly involves you. Sanitation procedures that should be applied will be stressed and made clear to you. Explanation of the programs’ details will help you see what is going into your service program, what can be expected to occur after each service and what you will need to do in order to contribute to the success of the program.

    Follow-up will include letting you know the results of our findings, where you have witnessed less or more activity, and what is needed for the next application.

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