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      The Bugyman guarantees to control the flea management infestation through the delivery of two to three treatments over a two month program or we will credit or refund the cost of the client’s last service.

      The Bugyman guarantees to provide the client with additional service for covered pests, upon their request, between regular service visits at no additional cost to the client.

      The Bugyman guarantees that our arrival to the clients’ home will be on time. We will be at their home within the confirmed time frame, or we will credit their account $5.00 for that months service.


      All rooms and closets on all floors will be checked visually by examining closely where pets may rest and lounge around. An interview with the customer about where the animals spend there lounging hours at will be made while at the customers home. To look for sites where high numbers of fleas are concentrated, a technician may walk through all rooms with a pair of white socks Fleas will be visible on the white socks.


      By no means is a flea infestation unusual. With the costumers cooperation most any infestation of fleas can be controlled. But it is essential that the cooperation of the costumer with the service recommendations be strictly followed in order for effective results to be made. It is important to note that no flea applications will kill the pupae present at the time of treatment, so some adult fleas will emerge for at least several days to a few weeks after the initial treatment.

      Remove all unnecessary clutter and debris in doors and outdoors, which will interfere with thorough insecticide application. This should be followed by a thorough vacuuming of all floor, upholster, and other indoor areas where fleas have been found. Then the vacuum bag should be removed and disposed of. All pet bedding should be laundered or discarded, as appropriate. All this must be done prior to the initial treatment. If these important initial sanitation steps are not done satisfactorily, a postponement of the service application will be made to allow the customer time to do so. When the technician Arives to perform the initial treatment, The customer will be informed of what he will be using and where the material will be applied. Any other cleaning operations after the insecticide treatment should be delayed at least 24 hours, or longer if possible. Any adult fleas on the pets will not be treated. This is the responsibility of the customer to have done just prior to the service application of insecticide.


      Besides treatment of fleas on the pet(s), which is left to the homeowner or a veterinarian, insecticide applications will be required indoors and possibly to selected areas outdoors. No people or pets are to be present during treatment due to the fact that many exposed flooring and other surfaces will be treated which, while the applied material is wet, can be easily picked up by walking over treated surfaces.

      All possible flea harborage areas will be treated, including carpeting, other floor areas, pet resting areas, and upholstered furniture. The lower 12-18 inches of drapes and furniture, as well as other areas above floor level where the inspection and pet habits indicate flea presence will be treated.

      Due to the habits of some animals shaking violently will cause any flea eggs deposited in their fur to fly in every direction, which will land anywhere. For this reason, furniture, sofas, and other items will be moved and treated behind and around it, then returned to there original location.

      Outdoor areas which require treatment will be sprayed with material that will be able to persist for a few weeks.


      It is recommended that 3 to 4 inspections and spot applications be made over a 3 to 4 month period.

      As explained earlier, in order to gain control of fleas which hatch over the next several weeks to come, it is necessary to include additional applications to areas in and around the home where surviving fleas are found.

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