The Bugyman guarantees to control the tick infestation through the delivery of two to four treatments over a three month program or we will credit or refund the cost of the client’s last service.

    The Bugyman guarantees to provide the client with additional service for covered pests, upon their request, between regular service visits at no additional cost to the client.

    The Bugyman guarantees that our arrival to the clients’ home will be on time. We will be at their home within the confirmed time frame, or we will credit their account $5.00 for that months service.


    A thorough inspection of the customers property is necessary. Interview the customer to where animals rest and lounge, and of where other locations of tick harborages are.


    Removal of clutter and debris on the property. Removal of bird nests in and around structures will reduce tick numbers. Fencing of yard will help keep other animals from coming into the yard. Screening and sealing entry points to houses. Sealing of cracks and crevices where ticks can hide, both inside or on the exterior of the home, will aid in management. Regular examination and grooming of pets, and frequent cleaning of their bedding, is also strongly recommended. It is strongly recommended that the pet owner have their animal treated if the infestation is to be eliminated. This should be done by the owner or a veterinarian, not the pest management technician. Grass and weeds should be kept cut close to the ground to prevent tick climbing.


    Treatment with a residual material should be made. Such areas as baseboards, doorway and window casings, and around the edges of carpets, outdoors around dog runs and rest areas, yard, crawl spaces, shrubs and various fixtures. Fences, trees and shrubbery are treated up to 2 or 3 feet from the ground.


    Since ticks can go without feeding for long periods, and the period which they remain concealed may be longer than the residual life of the insecticide applied, the effectiveness of the program requires follow up and re-treatment.