Contrary to popular belief, most spiders don’t migrate indoors when temperatures drop in the winter. Spiders adapt to their environments and will live just about anywhere. They are cold-blooded creatures who typically enter a diapause phase during the winter, which is like hibernation. This state is a pause in the spider’s development. Reduced temperatures, poor food supply, and a change in daylight hours are the three main reasons a spider enters this state. They bide their time until the environmental conditions become more favorable. 

Of course, if spiders find shelter indoors where it’s warm and there’s moisture and food, they can continue to survive and thrive inside. It’s actually not a bad thing to have a stray spider around. Most spiders aren’t harmful and will usually leave you alone. Spiders can also help get rid of other pesky insects.

If the idea of sharing your home with these 8-legged arachnids is less than appealing to you, there a few simple ways to get rid of spiders in your home:

  • Vacuum them up – This hack also gets rid of their webs and egg sacs, so vacuum in corners regularly.
  • Use of a sticky trap – Try setting out a non-toxic glue to immobilize the spider and prevent it from escaping.
  • Clean spider-friendly havens – Consistently remove webs and clean out your attic, garage, closets, and other dark spaces.
  • Reduce clutter – Some spiders like to hide in forgotten places like cardboard boxes, old shoes, piles of magazines, etc. With the new year, it’s time to clean out that clutter and take away places spiders can shack up!

If all else fails, call the Bugyman Exterminators to help rid your home of spiders! Give us a call today for your free inspection.