As the weather starts to get warmer, people begin to get the spring cleaning bug. But that’s not the only bug that’s  coming out! As you start to clean stuff out of your house, be cautious. Spiders like to inhabit boxes that have been left undisturbed for long periods of time. Shake out shoes or clothing that have sitting in the closet for awhile. If you’re cleaning out the garage or attic, be sure to check for rodent activity: chew marks on boxes, droppings, and nesting. Also be careful as you do yardwork. Lots of critters like to hang out in leaf litter and in weed growth. Use gloves when clearing out your yard.

Spiders are becoming more active because their food sources are increasing. Different spiders have different types of webs. Black widow webs tend to be spun in thick humbles and are super sticky. Hobo spiders make tunnel shaped  webs to trap their prey. Wolf spiders live in burrows and actively hunt their prey on foot. Brown recluse spiders like to inhabit those rarely disturbed areas like storage boxes, shoes, clothing, tires, etc. We have posted a picture with this article comparing the Wolf and Brown Recluse spiders to help you tell them apart. Wolf spiders a typically larger and found outside.  Brown recluse spiders are known for the violin or fiddle shaped markings on their backs. They are also substantially smaller in size. Be careful as you do your spring cleaning and don’t forget to call the Bugyman for your pest control needs!