As we spring forward into the warmer months, we wanted to share some helpful tips so that you can enjoy a bug free home! The first tip is to keep clean. They don’t call it spring cleaning for nothing. Poor housekeeping practices can lead to debris and clutter which provide pests nesting and hiding areas that we call harborage. Rake up leaves, grass clipping, or cut weeds when doing yard work to prevent harborage areas. Fun fact! Cleaning up dog droppings from your yard also helps to keep pests at bay.

Tip #2 is to properly contain food sources. All living things need food and water to survive. When resources are not plentiful outdoors, pests often turn indoors in search of what they need. Store dry goods, such as cereal, rice, or flour, in containers that can be sealed tightly. Wipe down counters after cooking so that crumbs or spills aren’t left to attract unwelcome critters.

The third tip ties in with what pests need to survive: water. After our spring rains, sometimes standing water accumulates. The attractions of water is twofold: survival and procreation. A number of flying insects need to lay their eggs in water. Consult your pest control professional on the pest way to treat standing water issues.

Our fourth tip is to seal entryways. Pests can enter your home through the smallest hole. Ensure that there are proper seals along doors, windows, and garage doors. If you can see sunlight coming through, chances are a bug can crawl through too.

Our last and certainly not least tip is to treat the perimeter of your home. This is where the Bugyman Exterminators come in! Our company utilizes powersprayers in the warmer months. What is a power sprayer you may ask? Basically, they are 20 gallon tanks in the back of our trucks that feed a pressurized hose. We use a specially formulated pesticide in these power sprayers to treat the outside perimeter. We also treat the inside perimeter of your home with a low to no odor pesticide. Some of our services offer the use of granules in the lawn or rock areas of your yard. This form of pesticide offers effective, long term protection. We also offer a wide range of specialized services that target specific pest problems. Please contact us with questions about any of our services and how we can help you to have a bug free spring/summer season!

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