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We appreciate Bugyman Technician Danielle

Just a quick note to let you know how much we appreciate Bugyman Technician Danielle Sutton.

When Danielle comes to our home for quarterly services, she is always very cheerful and greets my wife and I very warmly. After exchanging pleasantries, she quickly begins her tasks.

In executing her duties, Danielle is very professional and careful inside and outside our home. I know Danielle does her work well because the following morning after her visit, we find deceased pests at various locations. A job well done!

In conclusion, I think Danielle Sutton is a positive asset to The Bugyman Exterminators and exemplifies the essence of making families a top priority.

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Jaime M

I really do love their

I really do love their service. Friendly, punctual, cost-effective, efficient and very effective. All of their staff is amazing. I have used their services at multiple homes over the last 20 years in Las Cruces. My house is sprayed every 2 months. I usually do not see any bugs at all, but if I do, they are usually dying. I could not ask for any more from an exterminator. I highly recommend their services.

Shelly P

Jerry services our home.

Jerry services our home. He does a thorough job in and around our home. He is friendly understands importance of children and pets” safety. Thank you Jerry!.

Patricia Z

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