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December 21, 2020 Bed bugs, just

December 21, 2020

Bed bugs, just the mention of the name sends a chill down the spine and the hairs on the arms rise and take notice.

After a recent Sunday church service, a parishioner noted there had possibly been a bed bug in the pew in which she sat to enjoy the morning service. The parishioner stated she picked up the pest with a tissue and placed it in a trash container.

The church administration tasked me with addressing the perceived threat to our sanctuary. Because of my lack of knowledge concerning vermin I decided to get expert advice, so I called The Bugyman Exterminators. I know this proprietor because they perform first-rate quarterly service on my residence.

I spoke with employee Peggy Adams who was extremely helpful. Peggy explained the characteristics of beg bugs and the best method for their extermination. As ours is a small church I was concerned with the extermination method and did not want a lingering odor remaining in the church. Peggy stated steaming is the best method for eliminating bed bugs which eased my concern because of the diverse nature of the congregation. Peggy then stated she could schedule a technician to go to the church and conduct an inspection.

Two days later I met Danielle Sutton at my church. I was pleased to see Danielle because she does a terrific job of keeping my home pest free. I know Danielle is very meticulous and would understand the gravity of this situation.

Danielle conducted a thorough examination of the alleged bed bug repository pew. After the examination Danielle informed me there was not any evidence of any bed bugs.

Receiving this negative report is very important because the church serves as a refuge for believers, a shelter of the Most High and must be free of toxic vermin. Peggy and Danielle were dynamic in maintaining our church an immaculate environment. This is crucial and conducive for parishioners to have a mind free of distractions when seeking the Kingdom of God.

Thank you,

Jaime Marrujo

Jaime Marrujo

We have been using the

We have been using the Bugyman for over 5 years. They do an amazing job. They are very friendly and reliable. We haven’t had any bug problems since we found the Bugyman! If you have a bug problem just give them a call. You won’t be disappointed.

Lorie S

We have used Bugyman at our home…

We have used Bugyman at our home or the last 2 1/2 years. They are very easy to work with. Good scheduling, they do reminders an have always been prompt and efficient. Best of all the service works!!!! Thank You. 

Pat C.

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