With restrictions being lifted, people are getting out and traveling more. Here are some tips to help you avoid bringing more than you bargained for back from your travels.


1. Store Your Luggage – The first thing you need to do before bringing in your luggage is to inspect your hotel room. The best thing to do is to keep your luggage in the car or if you must bring it in, store it in the bathroom.

2. Check the Bed – Pull back the sheets to inspect the mattress and the box spring. Look for rust-colored stains and small, brown, oval-shaped critters which are better known as bed bugs.

3. Post-Vacay Cleanse – When you return home from your trip, wash and dry your clothes on hot setting. Bed bugs cannot survive extreme heat and this should kill them off.

4. Call the Professionals – If you’ve taken all the precautions but you’ve still spotted bed bugs in your home, call us! We offer free inspections and we can help you eliminate the problem.